My invoice does not make sense

Invoices in LookedAfter are generated on a fortnightly basis, for periods ending at midnight on Sunday.

The starting point for the invoice amount due is the account balance at midnight on Sunday.  We then deduct any Child Care Subsidy received afterwards for the period, and also for any account adjustments made afterwards.  The vast majority of families pay invoices on time, and the invoice calculation and display works well.

We segregate invoice debt for each statement period.  If you have any overdue invoices, this debt is offset from the new invoice and payable separately.

If you pay overdue invoices after midnight on Sunday, it will not affect the amount owed on your new invoice.  This will appear as if you owe more than you actually owe.  We are aware of this display confusion and are investigating clearer presentation options.  If you see this, our recommendation is to pay the account balance if this is lower than the invoice amount due.

Overpaying an invoice will not cause problems.  The next invoice will be calculated at midnight on Sunday and your overpayment will be reflected in a lower invoice amount being due.

If you have questions about your invoice, please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

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