Signing in and out

Your child's attendance (or absence) is captured electronically at the service location.  Most services will have a tablet available for you to sign out your child when you arrive to collect.

Who can collect my child?

Only those who you added to your account and granted permission to collect your child can collect your child.  If you want someone else to collect your child at short notice, add them to your account as a contact.

How does the sign in / sign out process work?

Enter your phone number into the tablet.  If the phone number is recognised, the system will show all children at the service that you have permission to sign in / sign out.  Pick the child, add your signature and confirm.

What if someone knows my phone number and pretends to be me to collect my child?

Educators are trained to ask for identification if they do not recognise the person collecting a child.  We also capture a signature, which can be used in case of dispute.

The phone number for me / my partner / my mother etc isn't recognised - why?

LookedAfter checks the number entered into the tablet against those entered in your LookedAfter account.  If the number isn't recognised, either the number has been typed incorrectly into the tablet or has been entered incorrectly in your LookedAfter account.  Please check details carefully.

I need someone at short notice to collect my child - what should I do?

Access your LookedAfter account and add them as a contact.  You will need to add a phone number for them and tick the checkbox that gives permission for them to collect your child.   If this is a temporary arrangement, you can remove the contact from your account after the collection.

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