Paying with POLi

With POLi you use your internet banking account to make a payment to LookedAfter.  POLi is owned by Australia Post and more details on the service can be found at

How do I pay via POLi?

You can pay an invoice via POLi or use it to make an anytime payment of any amount.  When logged in to your LookedAfter account, navigate to the Statements menu or your unpaid invoice.

When you click / press the "Pay via POLi" button you will be redirected to the POLi website.  From there:

  • You will see the LookedAfter logo and a message that you are about to make a one-time payment to LookedAfter
  • Choose your bank
  • Enter your internet banking credentials
  • Select your account
  • Approve the payment

Upon approving, you will be redirected back to LookedAfter where the payment displays instantly in your account.  You can do this on your computer or your phone / tablet.

Does it matter which bank I use?

You can pay with POLi with most major banks except ING or Macquarie.

Is it secure?

No payment method is 100% secure but to date none of our users have reported encountering security problems with POLi.  Your internet banking credentials are not sent to LookedAfter, nor seen by LookedAfter.

Avoiding transaction failures

Most users paying via POLi do so with ease.  For best results:

  • Avoid using the back button
  • Avoid staying too long on one page, otherwise the session may expire

A list of POLi Pay error codes and what each means can be found here

My bank isn't on the list.  How do I pay?

POLi is just one payment option.  You can still pay with your stored debit / credit card if you would prefer.

If neither option is viable, please contact us to discuss paying your account.

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