Paying via Stored Card

When creating an account with LookedAfter we ask for a debit or credit card.

Which card should I add - a debit card or a credit card?

It's your choice which card to add.  A debit card is usually linked to your main bank account, which means it might be easier for budgeting.  A credit card is usually linked to a separate account.

Will any debit card work?

Debit cards are accepted only if there is a VISA or MASTERCARD logo.

Is it secure?

LookedAfter does not store your card details.  Your card details are stored by SecurePay, a PCI compliant payment gateway owned by Australia Post.

Is there a charge to add or update a card?

When adding or updating a card, we charge $1 against the card to validate it.  Funds are credited to your LookedAfter account.

How do I pay invoices with my stored card?

You can pay an invoice at any time within your LookedAfter account, by opening the invoice and following the easy steps.  Via the Statements menu you can also make a payment via your card for any amount.

A stored card means that you don't need to take action to pay.  Each invoice has a payment due date, and if you have not already paid the invoice by the due date we will process the payment against your card, usually the next day.

Do surcharges apply?

A 1.7% surcharge applies to all card transactions.  This is a straight pass-through of costs we incur from SecurePay to process transactions.  The payment on your card statement will therefore include not just the invoice amount but also the surcharge.

We offer POLi Pay as a surcharge-free alternative payment option.  Poli Pay is owned by Australia Post and acts as a gateway between us (the recipient) and you internet banking account.

What should I do if I do not have a debit or credit card?

Please contact us if you do not have a card.

What happens if you attempt to process a payment and it fails?

We process payments for unpaid invoices in bulk, usually on a Thursday morning.  If our payment attempt for your invoice fails, you are immediately sent an email notification to alert you with the failure reason.

We do not charge costs for a failed payment attempt, but it remains your responsibility to pay your invoices.

What happens if my card has expired?

We send a notification on the first day of the month prior to your card expiring, but you remain responsible for updating your card and for paying your invoices.

Updated:  06/08/2019

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