Why has my Enrolment ceased?

When your child attends a service for the first time, an "enrolment" is created with Centrelink.  All attendance information is submitted using this enrolment ID and the government uses it to determine payment of Child Care Subsidy.  If you signed a Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) in your LookedAfter account then you likely also approved the enrolment within your MyGov account.

As an anti-fraud measure, Centrelink automatically ends an enrolment if your child has not attended the service during the previous eight weeks.  If your child attends infrequently, or if say your child only uses a service for holiday programs, then it is likely that you will be affected.

If Centrelink ends your enrolment, it displays with a status of CEASED and CCS will no longer process.  Upon submitting your child's next attendance the enrolment will be reactivated but will show a status of PENDING.  You need to re-approve the enrolment within MyGov, and you should receive a notification from MyGov for you to do this.  Upon approval, the enrolment status changes to CONFIRMED and and CCS should once again process as usual.

You must approve each enrolment separately, for example if you have more than one child.  CCS can be backdated only 28 days so please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you notice a problem with Child Care Subsidy payments.

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