Viewing and Removing Bookings

When you make a booking, you see immediately a message of success or failure.  If the booking failed, the reason will display.

Successful bookings display immediately in the calendar within your LookedAfter account.  Your calendar displays all bookings, for all children at all service locations.  Open a booking to see its details including the Fee Tier at which it was booked.

To remove a booking, open the booking within your calendar and look for the "Remove Booking" button.  Follow the steps including confirming the "are you sure?" prompt.  Repeat as needed.  It will warn if a penalty applies, and it also warns that any rebooking will be at the prevailing Fee Tier at time of rebooking and subject to availability.

To remove multiple bookings, use the same booking modal as for making multiple bookings.  Look towards the top for a yellow "Remove Multiple Bookings" button, and choose the start / end date and the days to remove.  It will warn which sessions will be subject to penalty.  Removing multiple bookings must be done separately for each child, for each service type.

All booking activity displays in your Activity Log, which is located within the Statements section of the top menu.  Sessions you book or remove are timestamped for your convenience.  Please refer to your Activity Log as needed to check the accuracy of your bookings.

If you remove bookings, we send an automated email notification each hour with a summary of your booking activity during the prior hour.

It is your responsibility to check your booking activity and your calendar.   Unless you can provide proof of a system error, you are the cause of a booking not being made or not being removed.

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