Complying Written Arrangements

From July 2018 all families using LookedAfter must indicate whether they intend to claim Child Care Subsidy.

What do I need to do?

Within the profile of your LookedAfter account you will see a menu item called "Fee Agreement".  A red exclamation icon will display against it if you've not already completed this step.  On this section, answer the question of whether you intend to claim Child Care Subsidy.

Even if you're not yet ready to claim, we generally recommend saying "Yes" if you intend to claim in the near future.  It is not possible to backdate Child Care Subsidy for sessions that occurred earlier to the date on which you indicated an intent to claim.

If you indicate an intent to claim Child Care Subsidy, your electronic signature creates a Complying Written Arrangement (referred to as a CWA).  A CWA is needed to create an enrolment with Centrelink to process Child Care Subsidy.

If you answer "No" you create a Relevant Arrangement (referred to as a RA) and this means that Centrelink will not attempt to process entitlement to Child Care Subsidy for your child's attendances.

If I previously received CCR / CCB.  Do I still need to do anything?

The whole system related to Child Care entitlements changed in July 2018 and you must still complete a CWA to claim Child Care Subsidy.  If you take no action, you will not receive Child Care Subsidy.

Apart from completing a CWA, do I need to take other action?

The process to claim Child Care Subsidy is unfortunately a little complex.  You must ensure that you are eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy, and you must approve service providers within your MyGov account so that claims process.  You might not always be notified by MyGov, so please check diligently from time to time.

I forgot to complete my CWA or did not complete other steps.  Can you backdate my Child Care Subsidy?

Child Care Subsidy can only be backdated 28 days, and cannot be backdated earlier than the date you first signed a CWA.  You must tell us as soon as possible if you notice problems with your CCS claims so that we can investigate.

If my child attends another service, do I need to sign another CWA?

Your original CWA in LookedAfter covers all schools your child attends, so you won't need to take extra action in LookedAfter.  However, you will likely need to approve the new service within your MyGov account.

How do I become eligible for Child Care Subsidy?

We have an article on Child Care Subsidy here

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