Error Messages When Booking

Common error messages when attempting to make bookings are listed below:

No Agreement

A message of "No Agreement" means that you have not indicated whether you intend to claim Child Care Subsidy.  Please go to the profile section of your account and look for the Fee Agreement section, then sign a CWA or RA.  It takes 10 seconds to complete.

Account Suspended

"Account Suspended" indicates that your account has or had unpaid overdue invoices, or has been suspended for other reasons.  Please pay your overdue invoices and contact us to reinstate your account.

Emergency Contacts Incomplete

We need at least two other people apart from yourself that can be notified in the event of an emergency.  If you see a message of "Emergency Contacts Incomplete" this means that you have not provided sufficient contacts.  Please go to the contacts section of your account and add more people that can be notified in an emergency.

Billing Details Incomplete

Unless you have been granted an exemption by us, you must supply a valid debit or credit card.  We process invoice amounts against this card in case you have not already paid by other means.  To add a card, go to the Billing Details section of your account.

Child Not Approved

If you indicated that your child has a condition, his or her status shows as Pending until we review to determine whether the information provided is sufficient to accept the child into service locations.  Upon review your child's status changes to either Approved (if deemed sufficient) or Incomplete.  If deemed Incomplete you will be asked to provide further information.

If your child's status is Pending or Incomplete you cannot make further bookings for your child.  Please edit your child's details to provide further information as needed.

Child Above Maximum Grade / Below Minimum Grade

Each service outlines minimum / maximum grades that it accepts children (for example, Prep - Year 6).  If your child is outside of the service's grade range you will not be able to make a booking.  If you think that there is a mistake, please check the grade you entered for your child within your LookedAfter account and edit if needed.  Please contact us if you think that there is still a problem.  Within LookedAfter, a child's grade automatically increases by one at the start of each calendar year so there can occasionally be discrepancies during the Summer Holiday Program period prior to the new school year beginning.

Session Full

If you see a message of "Session Full", there are no more places available.  Please contact us if you wish to be added to a waitlist.

Cannot Book At This Time

You cannot book online for sessions occurring in the past, or when the 1 minute booking deadline has passed.  If you wish for your child to attend after the booking deadline has passed, this might be possible as an Emergency if there is sufficient availability etc.

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