Email Notifications

LookedAfter sends notifications to families via an external email gateway.  This includes an initial confirmation link to verify your account.

We have a great sending reputation, but this doesn't guarantee that our emails will reach your inbox.  Please check the guidance below if you do not receive your confirmation email or other expected notification.

Did you unsubscribe or complain about a previous email we sent you?

Transactional notifications such as booking confirmations, upcoming attendances, invoices are deemed essential communication to maintain your account.  These messages are sent via the same external gateway and they are distinct from other communication we might send from time to time.

If you clicked unsubscribe or "report as spam" on a transactional email, you will no longer receive any future transactional emails.  We strongly recommend not doing this because you might miss out on essential information about your account.

If (accidentally or intentionally) you unsubscribed from a transactional notification or reported it as spam, please tell us so that we can investigate and reinstate you on our list. 

If you use a Hotmail / Outlook / Live email address
Hotmail and Outlook use particularly strict filters. Some users report that they do not receive our notifications (even in their junk folder), even though our records confirm delivery.
If you intend to use a Hotmail or Outlook email address for your LookedAfter account, please take two minutes to review your settings as below:
  • Log in to your Hotmail / Outlook account:
  • Look for the icon and click “Options”.
  • From the left menu, look for “Junk email” and click on “Safe Senders”.
  • Add as a safe domain.
You should now receive our notifications without problem. Check your Junk folder if needed. 
If you use a iiNet email address
We have problems sending to iiNet addresses, and the delivery failure messages via our gateway indicate that these emails never reach user inboxes.  Sometimes the problem resolves itself but then returns.  Very few of our users have an iiNet address and it is not worthwhile to investigate this matter further.  We recommend that you enrol using a different email address such as Gmail.
Still having problems?
Please contact us if you have difficulties receiving our email communications that cannot be explained above.

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