Child Conditions

It is important that educators looking after your child know of any conditions applying to your child.  Please disclose these conditions.

What do I need to disclose?

The list of conditions displays when adding a child.  Please review and assess if any relate to your child.  If any apply, indicate as such then add a note and upload a relevant document.

What do I need to upload?

If you child has asthma or an allergy / anaphylaxis, please upload a recent action plan.  If your child is covered by a custody order, please upload the custody order.  If you are unsure what to upload, do not upload anything yet.

Which document formats can be uploaded?

We accept image files (.img .jpg .png) and PDF (.pdf) files.  If you have a document in MS Word file format or equivalent, please convert to PDF before uploading.

What happens next?

Upon adding a condition for your child, your child's status immediately changes to Pending.  It is flagged for a LookedAfter support team member to review.  If okay, it will be approved and you will be notified accordingly.  If we think that more information is needed, we will notify you by email of missing information required and your child's status will change to Incomplete.

You can make bookings when your child's status is Approved.

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