Changing Email Address

You access your LookedAfter account using your designated email address and a secure password.  Instructions on changing your password can be found here.

Occasionally you may wish to change your designated email address.  To change your designated email addresss please log in to your LookedAfter account and then use the "contact us" page to send us a request, including the new email address you wish to use.  Sending a request while logged in is the preferred approach as you have automatically authenticated that you are the account holder.  We will then change the email address and send a notification to both your old email address and your new email address.

If you cannot access your LookedAfter account, for example because you cannot remember the designated email address you used, please contact us by email or using the contact us form.  We might need to contact you to ask some security questions to satisfy ourselves that you are the account holder.

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