Booking on a phone or tablet

Making bookings on a phone or tablet is easy.

There is not yet a LookedAfter app for iOS or Android, but the LookedAfter website is mobile-friendly and you can add the page to your iOS / Android home screen for quick access.  When logged in, book sessions as usual.

How to add LookedAfter to your phone/tablet home screen

The guidance below is for iOS users but the process for Android users is similar.  Screenshots are from an iPhone 8 using the Safari browser.

1) Open your browser on your phone and go to

2) At the bottom of the screen are various icons.  Select the icon showing a box with an upwards arrow emerging (shown below)

3) Scroll the bottom menu until you see the option to "Add to Home Screen" and select

4) The app icon and short name is already selected for you, but you can edit if needed.  When happy, select "Add".

You will now see the LookedAfter icon on your phone home screen and by selecting this you will be taken straight to the LookedAfter homepage.

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