How to Make a Booking

All bookings are made online via  Please make sure that you have created an account and completed all enrolment steps.

Look for the "Find School / Make a Booking" button on your dashboard or for the shopping cart icon in the top menu.  From this page you can search for your school or find all schools within 50KM of your suburb.  If you will access this school frequently, click the star against its logo to add it as a favourite.

Each school page contains information about the services offered.  Look for the Prices & Times tab to see session fees, service times, cancellation / late pickup policies and service contact details.

The Sessions tab displays sessions running at that school.  Click / press a session to make the booking popup appear.

The popup shows session information including the current Fee Tier and whether there is availability.  Press Book Now to confirm the booking.

If you have more than one child you will first need to select your child.  With LookedAfter (and other major child care booking platforms) you book each child separately to reduce risks from overbooking.

Any blockages to making a booking will appear here and will display in red.  A full list of these error messages is contained here.

Upon booking, you will receive a success message.  You will receive an email notification on the hour confirming this activity and the booking will appear in your calendar and in your Activity Log.

Holiday Program Bookings

Booking a holiday program session is very similar to making a booking for Before School Care or After School Care, except if there is an excursion.

When the session offers an excursion,  there will be a risk assessment document link for you to read, and you will need to tick the checkbox indicating your consent for your child's attendance.  If you forget to check the consent checkbox you will receive an error message.

Making Recurring Bookings

To make recurring bookings, look for the blue "Add or Remove Multiple Bookings" button.  From there you can select the days you need, between the dates you need, for the child you need.  Each child must be booked separately and each session type must be booked separately.

Upon booking for recurring sessions, you will receive a success or failure message.  Failure messages occur for example when you attempt to book on a date that contains no session.  You will receive and email notification on the hour confirming this activity and the bookings display in your calendar and Activity Log.

Important Disclaimer

You are responsible for your bookings.  All activity is recorded immediately and displays within your account.  Please check your calendar after making bookings to check that everything appears okay. 

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